About Mark

In my role as VP Creative at Distilled, I set up and grew one of the most respected content teams in search marketing and digital PR. The content I’ve been responsible for has earned over 38,300 pieces of coverage, 2.8 million social shares and 44 million visits. And the slides from my presentation, ‘How to produce better content ideas’, have been viewed over 4.3 million times online.

When I first was setting out in the industry, however, there were very few leading the way on the creative side of things, so I had to look elsewhere for insight and inspiration. Turning to the worlds of advertising and data visualisation, it was there I learned how to come up with ideas, what makes a good idea, and how to craft clear, compelling stories out of data.

After I left Distilled, several agencies and brands got in touch to ask me if I could come and help them. I then spent much of the next 5 years training and coaching content teams through the creative process.

In the last couple of years, I have found my way back to creating content myself again. These days, I’m particularly passionate about not only making content that gets coverage, but ensuring it also delivers the right message to the right audience – creating content that makes the right connections, content you can be proud of.

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