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got rhythm?

A viral hit.

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 1

This was an idea by Jo Franchetti, one of the developers on our team.

A fan of Lindy Hop, Jo’s fascinated by rhythm. Reflecting back on the idea for the game, Jo says “I often tap along to music, and it’s one of the tests in the music theory exam I always found easy. But I’ve also seen people with terrible rhythm, especially on the dance floor!”

Jo was curious to see how her ability to keep rhythm compared with other people. Comparing yourself to others can be an incredibly powerful hook.

We hadn’t created a game before, but I’m always keen to explore new formats.

This was unfamiliar territory, but the concept was simple and compelling. And the early prototype Jo made for the pitch proved to be very playable. Playing the game, I wanted to know if I could better my score, and see how I compared to others in the team.

So here’s what the finished piece looks like:

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 1

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 4

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 2

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 3

Concert Hotels Got Rhythm 5

With only £2000 behind it in social advertising, the game generated 275,000 shares on Facebook. And once the piece started spreading, it picked up more than 400 pieces of online coverage.

Following this success, we created another game for a different client – the Emergency Stop Game for JustPark. This time round, we also managed to generate a press story to help give the piece an even larger boost from the start.

As it currently stands, we are two out of two for interactive games, both going viral, and both gaining over quarter of a million facebook likes.

Think you’ve got rhythm?

Prove it in this addictive game.

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