The Most Diverse Foodie Cities

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I was just wondering

One day, I was sitting in an Eritrean restaurant in London. I wasn’t aware of any Eritrean restaurants back home in Edinburgh. And this got me thinking…

I wondered how many different national cuisines were available in London, and how this compared to other cities around the world.

To create the content, we pulled restaurant review data for every city in the world with a population of over 1 million people. We then analysed the data to determine which national cuisines were on offer in each location.

The top two cities (with the most diverse cuisine on offer) were fairly predictable – New York and London. But beyond that, it got more surprising. Toronto came in at number 3, Dubai made it into the top 10, and Manchester featured in the top 50.

You can easily imagine people would be surprised – and even proud – to discover how well their city fared. This opened up lots of media targets, with the story generating a wave of international coverage.

We also revealed how to eat round the world in each city.

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