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Sometimes you get lucky

Simply Business provides small business insurance, and they were well known within the SME space in the UK, but they wanted to get in front of startup founders.

And what do startup founders read? TechCrunch.

So I focused a lot of my research there, to see what content was popular. Stories about acquisitions came up a lot, with companies like Google and Facebook frequently snapping up smaller startups.

I wondered if anyone had done the larger piece of research, looking at ALL the companies the top tech firms had acquired and how much for. They hadn’t. So that’s what we decided to make.

And here’s where we got lucky…

The day before we were about to launch, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a record $19 billion. We quickly added the new data point (the largest in the dataset) and launched.

We secured an exclusive with TechCrunch, and they pinned the article to the top of their homepage for 3 days. I didn’t even know that was something they did, but it was performing so well for them, they wanted to keep generating traffic.

The page on TechCrunch received over 11,000 shares, sending a large amount of traffic to the client’s site, and a wave of coverage ensued.

“Beautifully organizes an overwhelming and often confusing history of purchases”

Fast Company

“A great way of getting your head around some of the giant numbers thrown around when it comes to tech deals”

Cult of Mac

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