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This felt like cheating

Take a hot social platform. Add food p*rn. Add hashtags. Add an interactive data visualisation. Better yet, add a map with colourful bubbles. Add bacon.

What do you get?

The Food Capitals of Instagram.

In truth, this idea felt a bit too easy. And we almost overlooked it for that reason. But what a mistake that would have been.

There are two questions I’m frequently asked: Which idea did you think would do really well and didn’t? And which idea did even better than you expected? This one is definitely the latter.

We expected it to do well, but we didn’t expect it do to THAT well. It got close to the most top tier coverage of any campaign I’ve been involved in – for a piece about street food on Instagram!

We weren’t the first to use Instagram hashtags as a data source – I believe that accolade belongs to the creators of The Selfiest Cities. But we may have been the second, or a very close follower.

The approach has been done so many times since, I’ve seen tweets from journalists asking for it to stop. There can be a lot of value in catching a wave early. And also knowing when to get off.

“Really fun to browse”


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Los Angeles Times, Eater, The Independent, City A.M., Mashable, GQ, CityMetric, HuffPost, ShortList, Elle, SKY, Grazia, The Guardian, Vox, Mashable, Wired, CityLab, The Washington Post, CN Traveller, Glamour, MSN, NZ Herald, Travel + Leisure, Slate, TIME, Die Welt, Hypebeast, Esquire, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Vice, Thrillist, Chicago Sun, Gothamist and 500 more publications

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