IoT Receives Record Funding

23Pieces of Coverage
110Brand mentions
51Expert quotes

Developing connections

The client helps design engineers when they’re developing new products for the Internet of Things (IoT). They wanted to get their message in front of engineers at both established engineering firms and startups.

Crunchbase News provides updates on the level of investment going into startups every quarter. They look at the data globally, and break it down for Europe, Latin America, North America, etc. And they break it down for certain technologies, like Cyber security.

They don’t, however, provide insight into the IoT. And we felt there was an opportunity to do so.

The client was keen to talk about innovation in IoT (that’s what they help their customers with). And one way to track innovation is the amount of investment going into the space.

Focusing on this allowed us to create content that would appeal to companies and startups within the IoT, as well as engineering publications that covered the IoT.

We gathered the data, and performed a number of statistical and visual analyses to find the key angles in the story. Through this, we were able to reveal…

A record-breaking year for European IoT startups

And while seed and late-stage investment dropped, early-stage funding continued to rise

The story was featured in IIoT World, IoT Business News, eeNews, and more engineering and IoT publications.

It received 23 pieces of coverage in this niche area, and within the write-ups were 110 mentions of the client’s business, and 51 quotes from the company’s experts.

The business was able to communicate their message, while highlighting their experts and expertise, all of which form a part of their core value offering.

And this allowed prospective customers to join the dots between the content, the company and how they can help.

Featured in…

eeNews, IoT Business News, IIoT World, RFiD Journal, IoT m2m council, Startups Magazine, and 17 more publications

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