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Simple and impactful

This might be my favourite static infographic ever: Shark Attack by Ripetungi.

It starts like this…

And it scrolls…

And it scrolls…

Okay, let’s zoom out to get some perspective…


That’s a lot!

When I pull this up in workshops, and start scrolling, at a certain point, members of the often audience let out an involuntary expression – “Ugh!”

It’s stomach turning.

The visualisation creates a visceral reaction.

Now, it’s a pretty sombre topic, but that’s a powerful piece of communication. And it’s the length of the graphic that makes the point.

While I was working with a client, creating content about music, I turned to my trusty swipe file one day, and the Shark Attack graphic leapt out at me.

I wondered… what could this be in music…? It’s showing two things that are equivalent to each other… but one of them is small and one of them is large… what could that be…?

I sat with this question for a while. And then it came to me! How many records can an iPod hold? That could work!

And here’s what it looks like…

And it scrolls…

And it scrolls… (actually, we made the scroll animated to keep people engaged)…

And eventually… after 21 seconds… you land at the bottom.

It was one of the simplest pieces we’d ever created. And that felt risky. You generally want to strive for simplicity, but it’s unnerving when you get there. Would this be enough? Would people really share this?

Thankfully, it turned out they would.

“Pretty darned cool”

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