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Recreating a hit

I’m a big fan of a swipe file, having a collection of inspiring campaigns you can refer to while generating ideas. On this occasion, it was actually one of our own campaigns that jumped out at me.

The client was Photoworld, a printing service that turns your pictures into photo books, prints and other mementos. They believe your photos and memories deserve to live somewhere better than your phone.

When browsing my swipe file, it was our iPod graphic that caught my attention.

Something like that could work. It was turning digital media into a physical format, which is exactly what Photoworld does.

But what should that be exactly? How many photos…?

What would people want to know?

I turned to Google Suggest.

And there it was.

How many photos… are uploaded to Instagram.


I did a quick search to see if anyone had done anything insightful or engaging on the topic. They hadn’t. So here’s what we did….

If you printed off all the photos uploaded to Instagram each year, and stacked them in a pile, how far would they reach?

When you click on the button, you’re whisked away , via an animated auto-scrolling effect, taking you on a journey upwards to the top of this ridiculously large stack of photos.

To give you a sense of the scale, the pile of photos goes way beyond Everest…

Beyond the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere…

Past the International Space Station…

And finally, you arrive at the top of the stack after travelling for 6,351 kilometres.

“A simple and awesome interactive graphic”


“We recommend you have a look – it might just blow your mind”


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