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A glimpse of another world

Sometimes it can be hard to connect the content to the product.

We were once working for a company that produced the motor in motorised blinds. Not the blinds, just the motor. So I started trawling through their marketing materials to find something we could latch onto, something people could connect with.

Deep within one of their documents, I found a quote from a customer that said, “There’s nothing like that feeling at the end of the day, pressing the button and watching the world disappear.”

Now that was something we could work with.

There’s something quite poetic about the idea of looking out over your view of the world and bringing the day to a close.

My colleague Hannah came to me with the idea of getting people from different countries around the world to take photos of the view from their bedroom window.

To develop the concept further, I added the idea of getting them to take the exact same photo in the morning and the evening, so we could show the day making way to the evening. And asking the people when they look out of their window what they think about and how they feel.

This gave us lots of personal stories for the journalists to include in their coverage. This one, in particular, always sticks in my mind:

“From my bedroom window, I can see the house of the most important person in my life, my uncle. It was no accident that I chose my room to be the one that faces his house.

I love waking up and seeing his perfectly cared-for garden and smelling the freshly-cut grass in the air. Before going to bed, seeing at least one light turned on makes me feel safe and protected.”

Marina – Novo Selo, Serbia

With touching insights like these, the whole thing felt more like an art project than a news story. But it turned out to be both.

“As much as we’ve traveled, we’ve never seen a view quite like this”

Huffington Post

“A captivating view of what everyday life is like for people around the world”

Business Insider

“An intimate tour of the way some live and how their view makes them feel”


“An amazing photographic voyage around the world”


“A fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people behind the camera and how ways of life vary around the world”

The Washington Post

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