Creative Content Campaigns

Ideation, production, promotion

The thing I’m most commonly hired for is to create content that stands out online, that gains media coverage and other forms of engagement. Content that gets you in front of the right audience, and sends the right message so people can discover more about what you can do for them.

I take a very research and data driven approach to creativity, seeking to find out what’s already working in your chosen area, what datasets are available, and spending time speaking to the experts in your company to understand your customer’s problems, how you help them and what we want to communicate.

I use these insights to create content campaigns that will resonate with the audience, that’s right for the brand and that’s different from what’s already been done. Something that will provide new insight on the topic, and taking time to present the information in a visual format that’s clear and compelling.

Content Marketing Consulting

Audience research, media landscape analysis, content strategy

Sometimes a project starts with a creative brief on a specific topic. And sometimes a deeper dive is required into what your audience is engaging with and where. This will provide greater clarity and depth of understanding, while generating creative opportunities – identifying spaces we can play in that are likely to draw your audience in, and allow you deliver your message.

Even if you know the specific topic you want to create content on, do you know what content within that topic is most likely to generate engagement? Do you know which sites your audience is interacting with, and how you can create content that will get coverage on those sites? Within any given topic area, we can go out and discover exactly which sub-topics and specific angles are getting engagement. This allows us to determine what is likely to work in this area, and where the fresh opportunities lie.

Interactive Content and Data Visualisation

Newsworthy data stories, interactives, infographics, data visualisation

I’ve created a lot of very popular data visualisations and interactive content over the years. This isn’t typically where the brief starts. The brief usually starts with your objectives – what you’re trying to do, who you’re trying to reach, what you want to say, etc. However, sometimes the brief might be a little more specific. If you already know, or suspect, interactive content might be the way to achieve your goals, or might be the best format for the content you want to create, we can start the conversation wherever makes sense to you.

Either way, if you want some visual data stories or interactive content that gets lots of engagement, I have a proven track record for creating these.

I’m also passionate about creating visual and interactive content for the right reasons – finding the best way to present the content’s insights, to guide the user through the story, and allow them to find the information that’s most meaningful and impactful to them.

Creative Content – Workshops and Training

Workshops, coaching, consulting, mentoring

  • How to come up with better content ideas
  • How to decide which ideas to take forward
  • How to refine and craft your ideas
  • How to create a story around your ideas

“You can’t teach people how to come up with ideas, they just come to you”, a colleague once said to me. I took this as a challenge. Over the next few months I boiled down everything I’d learned into my presentation, ‘How to produce better content ideas’ – still the most popular talk I’ve ever given, with the slides receiving over 4.1 million views online.

Ever since then, I’ve been passionate about boiling the creative process down into clear, actionable steps for others to follow. This forms the basis for the evolving processes I use in my own creative work, and the material I cover in my workshops.

After I left Distilled, the agency where I built the creative team over the course of 5 years, a number of competing agencies and brands asked me if I would come and train their teams. They typically wanted to come up with bigger and better ideas, ideas that would stand out online. And they often felt they were stuck in creating the same things, and needed help breaking out of that.

I love sharing knowledge, skills and processes through my workshops. I actually worked in corporate team building and training for 8 years before I worked in marketing, and it’s been curious and rewarding to see those paths converge.

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