Solar Funding Rises

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83Brand mentions
21Expert quotes

Getting to the core

The client provides electronic components, but their real value offering is in consulting design engineers when they’re developing a new product. They help engineers find the optimal design for their product, and help them set up their supply chain and manufacturing – all of which comes before the supply of the components.

We wanted to help communicate this through content, and get the client’s message in front of the right people at the right companies.

Following on from a similar campaign we created for them on the Internet of Things, we decided to look at the level of investment going into green energy startups.

We pulled data on the funding going into different areas – solar, wind, biomass, etc. And we sliced and diced the data over time, over different geographic regions, different stages of investment, and more.

In the end, the clearest story jumping out was the rise in funding for solar startups in Europe.

Through both the solar story and the previous IoT story, the content was featured in 69 different publications the target audience engages with, including sites on engineering, solar power, renewable energy, the energy industry, business and startups.

Across the two investment stories (IoT and solar), the coverage included:

  • 193 mentions of the brand
  • 61 charts we’d created
  • 23 descriptions of the company’s value offering
  • 72 quotes from the company’s technical experts

These were all important in connecting the content and coverage to the company’s core message. And the quotes from the technical experts helped communicate the company’s expertise which lies at the heart of their value offering.

Featured in…

eeNews, Power Engineering International, PV Magazine, Renewable Energy World, Environment + Energy Leader, Solar Power Portal, Solare B2B, The Crucial Years, The Next Web, reNEWS, Business Leader, and 23 more publications

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