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The challenge was to create engaging content that would live in the Staples eReader page. The data analyst in the team came up with the idea of doing something around speed reading. My role was to help develop the execution.

There were already some speed reading tests online, but the results didn’t really put you in the picture.

In our version, we showed people where they sat on a spectrum from 4th grade students all the way through to college professors, and on to the world speed reading champion.

Within a very short interaction, we were telling the reader something about themselves they didn’t know, and showing them how they compared to others.

And we made it more concrete and relatable by revealing how quickly they could read famous books, like the entire Harry Potter series or War and Peace. And this was all contained within an eReader frame.

The client wanted to tie the content even more to the product, so we added in how many books they could read on different eReaders before the battery would run out.

Sometimes trying this type of product connection can be a step too far and can feel a bit forced. But on this occasion, it tied in quite nicely.

And if they were interested in buying a new eReader, they were already on the right page, so they didn’t have far to go.

“A little gem of a widget from Staples”


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