Supply Chain Shortages

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During the pandemic, automotive supply chain shortages were all over the news. We analysed the public financial records for the world’s largest automotive companies to see how much revenue they lost during this period.

The analysis revealed a clear seasonal trend from Q1 to Q4 each year, with a steady upwards curve over time. These clear patterns allowed us to project what might have happened if lockdown and the supply shortages hadn’t occurred.

The gap between the 2 lines (projection and reality) contains the main story. The automotive industry had lost over $500 billion in revenue.

The coverage included quotes from the company’s supply chain experts giving further insight into why these shortages were happening and what automotive companies could do about it.

As a result, one of the world’s largest automotive brands got in touch, saying ‘We saw this thing you made, and we were wondering if you could help us with our supply chain.’

First of all, I absolutely LOVE that person for mentioning the content when they called. Secondly, this shows how content can take someone all the way through the buyer’s journey, from awareness to action.

So often, content marketing campaigns seem to sit purely in the awareness phase, and don’t really connect with the audience’s problems, the problems the business is uniquely positioned to help them with, igniting their desire to find out more.

However, if you get everything lined up and deliver the right message to the right people in the right places, the audience can connect the dots between the content, your business, and what you can do for them.

I feel just as proud of this content as many of the campaigns I’ve made that went viral. Even though this one didn’t hit huge metrics, it has a strong through line, from the insights to the expert commentary to the company’s value proposition.

It has a sense of integrity to it. And that feels good. It feels right.

That’s content you can be proud of.

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